Best International Feature Award from Planet In Focus

We are incredibly honored to have received the BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE award from Planet In Focus, one of the biggest and most important environmental film festivals in the world. Here are the extremely kind words the festival shared about our film:

If documentaries can often claim to inspire their audiences to see the world in a new light, works that compel viewers to hear the world differently are altogether rarer commodities. But the revelatory In Pursuit of Silence is just such a film. Patrick Shen’s immersive cinematic meditation ponders humanity’s relationship with silence, as well as the impact on our lives of its increasing absence. Taking inspiration from avant-garde composer John Cage and his ground-breaking silent composition 4’33”, In Pursuit of Silence invites viewers on a round-the-world journey to some of the planet’s quietest and loudest spaces, interweaving traditional interviews with soundless segments that invite thoughtful contemplation. With the World Health Organization identifying sound pollution as a second only to air pollution in its burden on the environment and public health, Shen here extends a welcome invitation to pause for a moment in order to hear your surroundings anew.