Filmmakers: Help Us Cover 11/11 in the UK

Seeking shooters to help cover Moment of Silence on 11/11 in the following possible locations for feature documentary about silence/sound called In Pursuit of Silence”:

Trafalgar Square
Construction crew
School (primary or secondary)
Shopping mall
Other workplaces

Footage needed: ONE 45-second wide shot (10-15mm) and ONE to THREE 20-second close-ups of faces of those observing the moment of silence. All shots must be locked down/static. In regards to composition, think Baraka.

Preferred equipment: Canon 7D/5D, Canon C100/C300/C500 or better using good quality lenses (i.e. L-series, etc whenever possible).

Compensation: Credit in end credits of film, shout-out on social media, copy of film (digital or DVD) when complete in 2015, and our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude!

If interested please send equipment list, link to reel (if available), and location preference from list above. If you have special access to any of the locations listed above, that’s a huge plus. Contact us.

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Download the In Pursuit of Silence 1-pager.