The Many Metaphors of Silence

Silence is the mother of everything that has come out from the Depth. And Silence kept quiet about what she was unable to describe: the Unspeakable. Clement of Alexandria

As In Pursuit of Silence moves towards a likely fall film festival release, we’re continuing to meet and discuss the embodiment of silence and its vast influence upon our sensorial experience. Last week, team IPOS gathered once again to now walk into the woods and narrow in on the arrow we had previously released. As we watched the first rough cut last week, our team was blown away by the precision and accuracy that Patrick has given to the voiceless voice of silence.

Every time our team meets, we find ourselves grappling with metaphors and grasping at air only to be reminded that we’re clothing a bodiless concept. We all agreed as we watched the first rough cut that we’re beginning to see the sculpture emerge, only to remind ourselves that silence is also the work of our hands chipping away the pieces, the air surrounding the art, our work itself, and so much more. We’re seeing that to some extent this film will share metaphors and experiences of silence that don’t encompass all that it is and at times may share too much of what it is — that is one of the paradoxes we’re hopeful to reveal. As we’re continually led by silence in this unfamiliar excursion, we’re focusing more on what metaphors it’s speaking today than what metaphors we’re feeling or wanting.

The film seems to be becoming exactly what it was meant to be — our team continues to carefully tend to the mysteries of silence: what she is and isn’t saying, where he is and isn’t existing … it’s more, it’s less, it’s all, it’s nothing…

Many of you have expressed excitement after viewing the trailer for our film; we’re not only so encouraged by that but I believe we can now say that your excitement will be validated and expanded as the film continues to become everything it’s supposed to be. Thank you for your support, we hope you’ll stay on board with us as we move forward in silence.


Cassidy for Team IPOS